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Pavilion projects (Winter gardens)

Arbours, winter gardens, covered terraces make a great refuge for a sunny day or a rainy evening.


Original metal stairs and their metal parts will provide individuality for both your home’s interior and exterior.


Sculpture is a field of art, including the creation of spatial aesthetic, artistic objects from a variety of materials.


The fireplace is a symbol of warmth and comfort of our home. This is one of the oldest heating options for the premises.

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About Smith

  • Smith Linas Leščiauskas

    “With skill and imagination, you can do anything from metal: convert it into the wind of elements, the sea wave, the wisp dance and the sandcastle. When you have skills, you no longer suffer, you enjoy the creation process and are proud with this volcanic craftsmanship,” says Linas Leščiauskas.
  • Biography

    Linas Leščiauskas, born in Biržuvėnai (Telšiai district) in 1973, spent his childhood in the grandfather's smithery in Luokė, playing with iron toys, and trying to forge metal. Therefore, it is not surprising that after graduating from school he chose artistic metalwork studies at Telšiai Applied Art School.
  • Experience

    Since 1999 he participates in blacksmith symposia in various foreign countries. In the same year he created a sculptural composition in the joint project of blacksmiths of the Baltic countries Mare Balticum in Oldenburg (Germany). In 2000 he participated in the Fourth World Smith Congress Fero Insight 2000 in Germany. In 2001 he was the winner of the Art Gate competition in Klaipėda (Lithuania). He acquired new knowledge and experience in 2002-2003, while working as a blacksmith at the LMC company in the United States.